Saturday, March 17, 2012

Titi Monkey Fieldwork

Titi Monkey Fieldwork is for you IF….

You don’t mind staring at treetops until your neck hurts
You don’t mind hanging out in the forest alone
You’re okay with spending a day looking for your monkeys and never finding them
The idea of destroying jungle with a machete excites you
Waking up before sun-up isn’t a problem
You find the silence of the forest relaxing
You have a good cultural understanding and are comfortable communicating even if you don’t speak the language
You’re comfortable with a spontaneous shift of plans
You enjoy living with a group of diverse people
Making homemade lemonade from lemons growing by your room entices you
Afternoons lying by the pool sounds wonderful
You have a passion for dance
You like it tight and bright
You are just as comfortable in hiking boots as high heels

Fieldwork is NOT for you if…

You’re afraid of bugs
Or snakes
You’re allergic to DEET
You’re a couch potato: seriously, you need to be in shape for this
You can’t work well with others
You have a phobia of being alone for extended periods of time
You stress when something doesn’t go your way
You get upset because it’s raining
You can’t handle waiting for people who have a difference sense of time. For example, taxi drivers not showing up, late field assistants, etc
You mind getting sweaty and dirty
You need to style your hair every day

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