Monday, October 24, 2011

The Real Titiwives of G5

Cramped into the back corner of Yvaga Guazu is the atypical titi family, G5. My name is Shannon and I'd like to introduce you to Picaflor, Caysita, Veronica, Jack, and their two little bundles of joy, Kim and Chang. Yes, I did say TWO bundles, and no they aren't twins.

*dun dun dun. Insert dramatic organ music*

And who exactly is wearing the pants in this group? Let's take a look at the matriarch, Caysita.

Caysita is easily identified by her dark face and the very dark grey color and slicked-straight look of her tail.

She's a fairly independent woman that regularly initiates duets, often takes the lead on moving camp, and likes her space. Though preferring to leave the parental care to the male, like other Titi housewives, Caysita has been seen carrying the smaller infant, Chang, more and more. However she outright runs from her own baby, Kim, when she tries to hitch a ride.

Bueno, let's move onto dad, meet Picaflor.

Now, I'm not one to judge the promiscuous ways other primate societies, but you should at least be a member of one of them if you are going to engage in that kind of behavior. That said, you have to feel for the guy when you see him lugging his two tots around. And it is Picaflor who is carrying them most of the time. I've seen the others take turns carrying one or the other infant, but the majority of the time they're with daddy.

Onto Veronica, the other woman.
Veronica is a grey female with a rounded tail.

Despite the scandalous circumstances, Veronica is quite unobtrusive most of the time. She also helps carry the infants, though she is quick to complain (whining, squeaking, twisting, and pulling at the infant on her back). Veronica also seems to take her cues to nurse from Caysita, often nursing the smaller infant right after Caysita takes the larger infant. I have not yet seen Veronica duet alone with Picaflor, Caysita continues to fulfill this role. Veronica will vocalize with the group, and even duetted with the subadult, Jack. At one point during some long, confrontational vocalization bouts with G4, Veronica disappeared, heading off towards another pair of duetting monkeys. Perhaps looking for greener grasses already?

Next we have Jack, the subadult of Picaflor and Caysita.

Jack seems to be your typical titi son - helps with the duetting, sometimes takes on solos or continues vocalizations with one of the females if the male is not around or has stopped. He continues to stick close to the group, often trying to keep up with Caysita who moves further ahead to feed or find a shady place to rest. Jack is also one of the more vigilant individuals of the group, making it difficult for us monkey paparazzi!

Lastly, the cutie patooties!


Already climbing and playing in the lianas, Kim has earned a few bumps from falling out of a tree (4m up). Though this hasn't deterred her one iota and she continues to gallivant during resting and feeding times. Kim has been exhibiting much more feeding behavior recently - pulling at plants, biting stems and leaves.

And Chang

Still quite small, enough that I frequently need to use binoculars to see who is carrying him when the group is high up in the canopy. I'm already seeing some sibling rivalry with Kim- a couple of times Chang has climbed onto Kim while both are on Picaflor's back. Though Caysita or Veronica will carry Chang, and I'm seeing Kim get around on her own during resting and feeding times. Can't wait to see what happens when we have two juveniles terrorizing the family - " But dad, Chang alwaaaaaaays get the branches with the most fruit!!!"



  1. esta muy bueno el blogg

  2. Would love the hear the latest about my G4/G5 groups, especially the babies!

  3. And also if Veronica is in fact Sol, a recently dispersed female from G2. Drama llama!