Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GE Update

Pictures: Family GE- Elena (grooming), Denito, Vicente, and Pedro (checking on new Baby GE); Papa Vicente showing me my first good look at new Baby GE

Hi guys, my name is Anna, and I am working with family GE this season. So far, it’s been a great time! I so absolutely love every one of them!! Elena is curious as ever, often checking out anything out of the ordinary in her territory, including me. Yesterday a park worker placed a sprinkler underneath the tree that they were resting in. She ran high up in the tree, and then returned and eagerly inspected the crazy machine for about ten minutes before deeming it harmless.

Vicente is the most cautious of the group, especially now that he is often toting around a new baby! He is such a good daddy, making sure that his baby is always safe. Lucky for him, big brother Pedro has been a devoted babysitter. The time spent carrying Baby GE is split almost equally between the two. It is clear though that Vicente seems to be more comfortable with this role. When Pedro has the baby, it seems to squirm around more frequently, so he is constantly checking on the little bugger. The baby often clings to Pedro’s arm as he sits in contact with Vicente. It’s so fun to watch!

Little brother Denito has also gotten into the fun in the last couple of days. His first attempt at baby carrying was a trip of about a foot, before he stopped and gave it back to Vicente. Yesterday, however, he kept the baby for about 5 minutes, even moving around a little bit between branches. What great big brothers this lucky baby has!!

Life with a new baby brings out the sweetest of family dynamics (well, maybe the family dynamics are always sweet and I just don’t know any better because I am new to this). Elena often engages in play with Denito, as Pedro and Vicente sit in contact twine-tailed with the baby. There is also a lot of grooming and whole family twine-tailing. It seems as though they can’t get enough of each other, and it’s the most wonderful thing to watch. They spent about a week refraining from vocalizing, but this week they were back at it again. Pedro and Vicente also take care of this order of business, while Denito and Elena are busy with other things.

All in all, I am so happy to be following GE. Not only is the family a joy, but I have also enjoying chatting with park staff and learning about different goings-on at Yvaga Guazu. Other pluses include signs indicating scientific names of certain trees (for food identification purposes), a beautiful territory to wander in, and sprinklers to stand under on the terribly hot days (my Minnesota blood is not yet accustomed to the 90+ degree weather). Cheers from Yvaga Guazu!


  1. Nice family photo, Anna. We need a name for the new baby. Do you have any thoughts on it?

  2. Yes!! If it is a girl, I want it to be named Lidia after my Bolivian mom here in Santa Cruz. If it's a boy, I want it to be named Bruce after Bruce Patterson :)