Monday, January 10, 2011

A Trip to Abasto

As a vampira (more on this later), it is difficult to imagine being in Bolivia without regular visits to Casa del Camba (an amazing local restaurant where beef is pretty much the only item on the menu) and street markets, particularly 7 Calle, for blood sausage. I’m not so carnivorous while in the states, usually confining feedings to chicken and fish. Something about Bolivia brings out my inner vampire though! It is probably because it is simply some of the best beef in the world. Whether local or imported from Argentina, once you've had it, US beef is off the menu!

This said, the fruits and veg in Bolivia are beautiful. Everything is giant compared to what we can buy in the states and ALL natural. A trip to the open markets should be on every visitors’ “to do” list. My favorite is Abasto but you can pick up fresh, natural produce on just about any street corner for next to nothing. 

Below are scenes from a shopping trip to Abasto. It's super for photography as well, vibrant color and beautiful, fascinating people.

Great artists at work

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